Selection of Video Links for some dogs that I have trained in the past or are in training now.

Protection dog (Jimmy) For a personal testimonial 07779726347.

On this page we will show video clips of dogs working in training senarios. Here i am training a dog for bite work and a stick attack, using a ball and rope. In a real life situation, it is inevitable that a dog will take some physical pain. The dog will continue to bite the aggressor even if someone is hitting the dog with something like ie a baseball bat or stick. The dog is there to protect us, it sounds cruel but we could replace a dog, but maybe not a child. This is the main reason that people buy personal protection dogs – for human protection. These training methods are used on police training courses (stick and gun attack) and are considered essential for the training of defence on the handler or and the owner of the dog.

This dog has saved the owners life three times in the last four months.

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