At Protection Training, we take great pride in our residential protection dog training programme, we believe that we are the only dog training company that provide an optional one to one training sessions whilst your dog is in training at our kennels.

Our clients have the option of sending your dog in for our residential obedience training course, price is only £250 per week, the average course duration is approximately 4 weeks training, subjected to an assessment, some dogs learn quickly than others, training can be done in as little as two weeks, our second option is, we also provide residential dog training holiday courses, the duration of the course is dependent on the level of training required.

The standard of obedience training will be completed to competition or police dog level, we will train your dog to your require a obedience standard. We can also help with problem dogs such as dog aggression etc.

Residential obedience and residential protection dog training. We offer various courses starting from our 4 week course, all dogs require different time frames, we will have a better idea after accessing your dog, and we know what level of training you require. Our residential obedience and protection training starts from £350 per week. Our assessment fee varies depending on whether we travel to you or you and your dog travel to one of our training kennels. Please don’t hesitate to call for more information and booking availability.

Your dog will be crossed trained and scenario based to your required standard.

Here’s an example video of a client’s dog on our residential training programme, the video was taken on week two.