Here at Protection Dog Training we don’t just do the usual protection dog training we specialise in 4 key areas personal protection dog training, personal protection dog sales, general obedience and canine behavioural problems. Clients wishing to book their dog onto one our residential training courses can book as little as two weeks for minor problems and as long as six weeks for complicated canine behavioural problems. Methods that we use for training is a canine control collar generally work for all breeds large and small from a tiny Yorkshire Terrier up to a St Bernard and are available from us to buy at £20.

Within the last 18 month we have stopped using check chains, choke chains and prong collars, prong collars if used correctly are an effective training aid with some dogs but are not suitable for all dogs. Some dogs when wearing a prong collar can go in to defensive drive or flight drive which is the opposite to want we want to achieve when training on a residential obedience or canine behavioural work. Our aim is to have a happy responsive dog that enjoys their training. Each training course is designed to the customer’s needs and is unique in its own right.

Each dog is kept on its original diet for dogs that are gluten free we can supply the appropriate food as a general rule we feed Sneyds wonder dog 24% protein 10% oil 6.5 Ash contains the vitamins A, D and E and 2lbs of tripe per day.

We don’t just train your dog in a local park, we will train your dog in many different scenarios day and night. We will also work your dog around livestock, horses and sheep etc. Depending on what level of training you require we can train from basic obedience through to police dog standard obedience.

Here’s some recent pictures of two 15 week old puppy’s doing obedience training on a Saturday night when Leeds city station were full of football supporters it was extremely busy.

we undertake residential training puppies from 14 week old plus

option 1, We undertake a full 12 hour day training where we will pick up and return your dog your dog will be trained in many locations throughout the day. The day course we offer is an alternative to our residential course for people who don’t want to be separated from their dog/s.

Prices are £100 per day within a 50 mile radius of our postcode. We also accommodate for clients who wish to use this service that don’t live within the 50 mile catchment area prices are negotiable.

option 2, send your dog in for a month residential training, your dog will be trained upto a very high standard, your dog will live in my house, you will be able to come and visit or train with your dog at any time while the dog is on residential, we can provide you accomidation bed and breakfast, for yourselves or your family, this is included in the package, we will send you daily picture messages of progress of your dog, we only undertake 2 dogs under residential at any time

for more details please call 07929829301