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Started by phil | Last post by barry
Hi everyone,I love mongrels too – some of the best dogs I’ve known have been mongrels. They are often healthy and long-lived, affectionate and, with the right training, very good and obedient. I think they suffer from fewer hereditary diseases than sme of the pure bred dogs. Regards,


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Started by Rory | Last post by justinekay
Hi Rory,Well, I hope I can help by sharing my own experience with you. I got my dog as an eleven week old puppy and it was pretty clear that he had had a closeted puppyhood because he barked at and was scared of just about everything, television and music in particular. I believe this comes from being in a litter that’s in too quiet a location – puppies are better if they’re born and spend their first few weeks in a normal household with a fair amount of hustle and bustle, people coming and going and just normal everyday life going on around them. I found that he very gradually got used to the TV and music but it took some time. I found just putting the television on for a few minutes and ignoring his response seemed to help. I tried not to stress him by leaving it on for too long at first, but tried to tell him that there was nothing to respond to by ignoring him. I also put him on a lead to help control him in the early days. I think one of the important things is not to speak or shout at the dog – it doesn’t help in stopping this kind of behaviour as it somehow seems to reinforce the response. I think the dog thinks you’re “joining in”, as if you’re barking with him, and it encourages the behaviour. Hope some of this helps you and good luck!

Justine Kay

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Started by Rory | Last post by Rory
I have a 3 1/2 yr old Westie (West Highland White Terrier), who watches TV and gets overly excited and begins to bark at the TV when there are animals, or animals in commercials.  I also have a 3 yr old Westie who could care less about TV.  Questions,  how does one stop a dog from getting over excited at the TV, and stop the barking.  I have tried turning it off, muting it etc.He will even get excited just at the music of the show.

Help, suggestions please.

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Started by barry | Last post by sally
I think you’ve got some choices here. It’s probably a case of either continuing with the French words, if you’re comfortable with them and can pronounce them and emphasise them well enough for the dog to understand. Or it’s a matter of teaching her the new commands in English, just as if she were a dog that had never been trained at all. She’ll soon pick them up, and if you do this, she won’t forget the French commands straight away. You could keep them going to impress your friends 😉

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Started by barry | Last post by barry
I adopted a dog recently from a dog shelter, a beautiful 2 year old labrador called Natalie. She’s great in every way except she was trained to respond to commands in French! Can anyone advise me how to switch her to English? I’ve got a list of the commands she knows in French but I’d really rather teach her the English ones. She’s settling in nicely in every way, however, and if I need to, I will carry on with the French commands.


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Started by billy | Last post by phil
I would agree with this advice – after dealing with the medical side of it, the habit can be to do with seeking attention, so gently but firmly stopping the behavior, but not shouting or speaking to the dog can help.

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Started by kate | Last post by billy
I don’t have any specific information to quote, but I believe the premium foods such as Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet etc. really do give benefits to your dogs health and longevity It’s the same as a person eating high-quality, healthy, nutritious food – we look and feel better, have less disease and tend to live longer.

Just my two cents worth 🙂

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