Level one protection training can normally be achieved within 4 weeks and would consist of Police dog obedience and speak on command, we would achieve this by doing one hour training in the morning one hour at lunch time and one hour mid afternoon training session then one early evening this is over seen by one individual instructor that we assign to your dog.

The fee for this level of training would be £1000 per calendar month this will include a DVD of your dogs training and a 2 hours one too one handover training at our kennels.

Level 2 protection dog training consists of police dog level of obedience, bite development food refusal training, price will include a DVD and 3 hour one to one training sessions at our kennels, the fee for this is £1600 we would need your dog for approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Level 3 executive residential training is one of the top packages that we offer, your dog will receive the following training, police dog obedience, speak on command food refusal bite development on covert sleeve or covert body bite suit with the option of your dog being taught to deal with firearm threat, stick attack and multi assailant attack, your dog can also be taught to deploy from the back window of your car, this is useful in a road rage attack, the cost of this course is £3500 for 6 – 8 weeks training.

Level 2 and 3 protection residential protection dog training are overseen by our senior instructors.

All the above levels are open to any breed of dog, our prices include collection and evaluation, you will be required to collect your dog and receive handover training unless we have agreed to do the handover training at your place.