we offer a one to one obedience and protection dog training, obedience is done to police dog level

you and your dog will be taught to work as a team, your dog will be taught to protect you in any situation and also work under distraction

In this day and age your dog will be taught to protect you from the threat of knives and firearms, car jacking muggings etc

We would need to assess your dog for suitability for training as each dog and owner comes on at different rates, there is no set time span

any dog including cross breeds can be trained as a personal protection dog

small breeds eg like a staffi would be taught to bite lower leg.

the reason for this is the smaller dogs dont have the body weight to pull a man down.

large breed dogs such as the german shepherd labrador ec will be taught to do bite work eiher right or left arm

 more serious protection dogs as required by some clients,  will be taught to bite on a full covert suit and all training is scenario based to suit the clients needs.

we dont train sports dogs to be personal protection dogs, there is a vast difference as ports dog looks for a visible sleeve a personal plrotection dog trained by us will fight and become civil when needed when there is no threat the dog will be calm and submissive to the handler and his family

also the dogs will be taught food refusal from a stranger who intends to harm you or the dog.