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2  Advice / Dog Behaviour / Re: Tail chasing on: November 01, 2006, 10:30:23 AM
I think there are two things to do here – treat the irritation by getting medical treatment at the vets (this will probably entail a small operation to re-do the docking) and then slowly re-training your dog by distracting him and/or ignoring the attention-seeking tail-chasing. I think you’ll find he still does it from time to time but you should be able to reduce it a huge amount and make your dog more comfortable and relaxed.


3  Advice / Dog Health, Grooming & Diet / Quality dog food on: October 24, 2006, 12:07:05 PM
Does anyone have any advice about dog food? I try to feed my dog Eukanuba mst of the time as I think her coat looks better and she seems healthier in general. But these foods are SO expensive and I’m not sure if it’s just oil or something in the food that makes the coat better. Are these foods really any better for the dog than medium cost, medium quality foods? I wouldn’t buy really cheap food, but am not convinced that the differenc ein quality warrants the extra expense. I want the best for my dog, and wondered if anyone had any information?
4  Advice / Dog Training / Re: Sit and down – a confused dog! on: October 24, 2006, 12:04:27 PM
I’m not an expert (far from it) but I think ut’s a matter of repetition, and rewarding, quickly, the correct response to the command. She sounds like a gorgeous dog – I’m a fan of mongrels in general 🙂
5  Doggy Fun / Doggy Poetry / The Dog’s Cold Nose on: October 24, 2006, 11:56:41 AM
A lovely poem that always makes me cry (yes, I’m a soft old thing where dogs are concerned…:-))The Dog’s Cold Noseby Arthur GuitermanWhen Noah, perceiving ’twas time to embark,Persuaded the creatures to enter the Ark,The dog, with a friendliness truly sublime, Assisted in herding them, two at a time. He drove in the elephants, zebras and gnusUntil they were packed like a boxful of screws.The c*t in the cupboard, the mouse on the shelf,The bug in the crack; then he backed in himself. But such was the lack of available space,He couldn’t tuck all of him into the place;So after the waters had flooded the plainAnd down from the heavens fell blankets of rain. He stood with his muzzle thrust out through the doorThe whole forty days of that terrible pour!Because of which drenching, zoologists hold,

The nose of a healthy dog always is cold.