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1  Advice / Dog Behaviour / Re: TV watching & Barking on: December 05, 2006, 10:42:13 AM
Hi Rory,Well, I hope I can help by sharing my own experience with you. I got my dog as an eleven week old puppy and it was pretty clear that he had had a closeted puppyhood because he barked at and was scared of just about everything, television and music in particular. I believe this comes from being in a litter that’s in too quiet a location – puppies are better if they’re born and spend their first few weeks in a normal household with a fair amount of hustle and bustle, people coming and going and just normal everyday life going on around them. I found that he very gradually got used to the TV and music but it took some time. I found just putting the television on for a few minutes and ignoring his response seemed to help. I tried not to stress him by leaving it on for too long at first, but tried to tell him that there was nothing to respond to by ignoring him. I also put him on a lead to help control him in the early days. I think one of the important things is not to speak or shout at the dog – it doesn’t help in stopping this kind of behaviour as it somehow seems to reinforce the response. I think the dog thinks you’re “joining in”, as if you’re barking with him, and it encourages the behaviour. Hope some of this helps you and good luck!

Justine Kay