Tips on how to successfully clean for your dog’s ears

Your dog’s ears should be kept clean and healthy at all times. Inspect them carefully each week to ensure that they are clean and free from odors. If you notice the following symptoms, consult your vet:

– head shaking or scratching at ears – red or irritated skin – pain or discomfort when the ear is touched – discharge – foul odor – signs of mite infestation – excessive build-up of ear wax If the ears appear healthy, then gentle cleaning can help maintain optimum health and comfort for your dog. Small amounts of dirt and wax are quite normal in a healthy ear, so simply wipe the inside of the ear and all the little crevises with some cotton wool and a cleaning fluid from the vet. Carefully restrain your dog so he cannot pull away from you as this could cause serious damage to his ears.

NEVER use cotton buds, Q-Tips or anything pointed or smaller than your fingers in your dogs ears.

Use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each ear to avoid transfering bacteria from one ear to the other. Your dog will be eager to shake his head when you’ve finished, so stand back, let him shake and give him a treat to reward him for his good behavior during the ear cleaning session!