Here are the different types of leash currently available and a description to help you with your choice:

Nylon Leashes
Nylon leashes are a good choice in that they are hard-wearing and can be easily washed. They come in a variety of styles and colors and can be matched with a collar of the same type.

Leather Leashes
Leather leashes are very durable but also soft in the hand, especially as the leather ages with use. The leather handle of the leash can be easy to grip, even in wet weather.

Retractable Leashes
A retractable leash is a nylon leash that is rolled inside a plastic casing which also forms the handle of the lead. The leash can be easily lengthened or shortened at the flick of a switch which allows you to control your dog’s proximity to yourself and other people, animals and objects.

Cotton-Webbed Leashes
Cotton webbed leashes area also popular as they are economical, washable and gentle on the hand. They come in a large variety of lengths and many owners use the long cotton-webbed leads for training purposes for their dog, to teach him to come when called.