It’s a good idea to buy your dog a good quality bed and encourage him to use it right from the start. In this way, you lessen the temptation for him to get on beds, sofas and armchairs and you’ll show him that it’s you who chooses where he should sleep. A dog bed can and should contribute to your overall training program for your dog.

There are several choices when buying a dog bed so lets look at the various styles:

– Traditional baskets with a comfy duvet inside are good for small to medium sized dogs.

– Pillow beds are a good choice for a padded, comfortable bed for your dog. Make sure they’re machine-washable.

– Bumper beds or snuggles are ideal for small dogs so they can “snuggle” down and keep warm in the padded soft interior.

– Foam beds are made from material covered foam that forms a warm and cosy support around the dog. Some are in the shape of a miniature kennel, that are ideal for small dogs to curl up in.

– Futon mattresses are ideal for larger dogs, and with wool fillings they are warm in winter and cool in summer and keep fleas at bay.

Make sure that whatever you choose, it is safe and clean for your dog at all times. Covers should be washable an easy to keep clean from fleas. Choose a bed that is the right size for your dog. The dog should be able to lie flat, completely stretched out on his side, without hanging off of the bed.