The American Eskimo is a loving companion dog. It is a member of the Spitz family of dogs and was formerly known as the German Spitz or American Eskimo Spitz. As the American Eskimo was bred as a companion dog, they thrive on spending time with their family and are not a breed that fares well on their own for periods of time. They are very loving, easily trained with a strong protective drive that is best when well-socialized. Eskies must be trained at an early age as they lose the ability to learn new commands as they mature. Due to their long coat, they need thorough grooming at least once a week, often more often to avoid a tangled coat.

The American Eskimo dog is white or white with a biscuit color. There are three separate size divisions: Toy, 9 to12 inches; Miniature, 12 to 15 inches; and Standard, 15 to 19 inches.