Welcome to ‘Dog Training Tips’! If you are thinking about getting a dog or maybe you’ve already got your first dog and would like to know the basic principles for dog obedience training, then this site is for you. Here you’ll find all the training tips you need to make your dog a happy, obedient dog that can live in harmony in your home with your family.

Obedience training is probably the most important thing you can do for your dog and yourself. Dogs are of course animals, and without proper obedience training, they will behave like animals! This may sound obious, but a lot of new dog owners do not realize the havoc an untrained dog can cause. They will destroy your furniture and any other belongings they can get hold off, bark excessively, dig holes in your lawn or favourite flower bed, fight with other dogs, maybe growl at you or even bite you and without the correct house training will make a mess in your house.

Obedience training can prevent these problems and can also help to improve any bad habits that your new dog may already have. Did you know that the alpha dog or pack leader is seen by your dog as the leader and protector of the whole pack, and it is therefore crucial that you take on this role to ensure the mental well-being of your dog? Obedience training is the ideal way to establish the social hierarchy in your household. Dogs are pack animals and in the wild a pack of dogs will have a distinct hierarchy. For a dog to respect and obey your commands, your dog must understand that you are the ‘pack leader’. When your dog obeys a command such as ‘sit’ or ‘down’ he is showing respect for your position as the leader of his pack. To fully understand this concept, read my article about dog psychology.

I’m sure you are aware of the importance of socializing a puppy, but what exactly does ‘socializing’ mean, and how do you put it into practice? Well,here you’ll find a full explanation of exactly what puppy socialization is and how to do it successfully.

Training your dog could also save its life or save it from being injured. A well-trained dog allows the owner the necessary control to prevent potential accidents. For example, should your dog get free of his lead at a busy road, you an use the sit command to control him while you reattach it or you can get him to walk to heel to a safer place if perhaps his lead or collar is broken. Maybe your front gate has been left ajar and you see your dog walking up the road. If he is well trained, a down command would stop him going further or the come command would bring him safely back to you.

The Sit Command is the first training exercise you should teach your dog and is a great way to control him and build his confidence.

After the sit command, the second most useful command your dog can learn is the Down Command. It displays a higher level of respect and can also be used to calm a scared dog.

The stay command should be taught only after your dog is responding well to the basic sit and down commands. Probably one of the more challenging training sessions will be teaching to your dog to walk correctly on the leash. Leash training is a very important skill for your dog to master and will make exercising your dog a much more pleasurable and safer pursuit.

Dog grooming is another routine that should be incorporated into your dog training sessions and is a great way to bond with your new friend, as well as enforcing your position as the pack leader. It also removes dead hair and dirt from his coat and makes the fur shiny and healthy. The act of grooming is also a wonderful way of giving him affection and attention while caring for him at the same time.

Training your dog should be a fun and rewarding activity for you and your dog. It will enrich your relationship and make living together more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. A well-trained dog is a confident dog and can be allowed more freedom than a poorly trained dog.

Training can be easily accomplished at home. All you require is patience, a collar, a lead, an understanding of dog behavior and of course a dog! Training should also be fun for you and your new friend. Each training session should include games and praise. Your dog should look forward to each session. Probably the most important aspect of training is rewarding your dog when he performs a command correctly. The more times he performs a command correctly and he is rewarded, the quicker he will learn. It’s also just as important that you praise your dog for good behavior. We always notice when he’s being naughty, but often don’t notice when he’s lying quietly or not barking excessively at the window! Praising and rewarding good behavior are the most important aspects of successful dog training.