Month: March 2013

Personal Protection Dogs Testimonials

In January 2006, I had 2 options with Bailey, my large rescue Doberman, put him to sleep at the request of the local parish council, or figure out a way to save him. I had tried obedience classes, special workshops, and some one on one training but Bailey was profoundly disturbed. He was exceptionally aggressive at any moving objects but particularly dogs and bicycles and had pulled me across car bonnets on more than one occasion trying to attack a child’s wheeled buggy or bicycle. He’d also attacked other dogs and turned on me if he couldn’t get to them. A good natured dog in the house he was an evil menace outdoors.

Rob specialises in training dogs for security and personal protection. All I wanted was a dog I could walk without returning home in tears. What I’ve ended up with is a dog I walk in a crowded place, past other dogs and bicycles, comfortably in the knowledge that I can retrieve the situation if he does decide to “have a go”. In addition, I also have a dog which is now trained to police standards speak on command and passive site work, working in environments with plenty of distractions and physical threats. He’s not perfect, but he’s totally a different dog to what he was.

There are loads of dogs trained in the UK who claim to work with last resort difficult dogs, or defencive guarding breeds like “Dobes” and “Rotties”. But as an ordinary mortal and without police resources available to me, I’ve not found a single one in my search that’s achieved what rob has with my dog. Bailey is still alive – and I have a great dog – thanks to him.

Protection Dog Training

Each Protection dog that we have for sale will have two quality photos and two videos that show the dog working in different working scenarios. E.g. obedience in the city centre, dog handler/client protection or attack/bite work. Our personal protection dogs are trained for real life situations, we use covert sleeves and full covert body bite suits to train our dogs.

We never use harsh training methods to train our dogs as we believe that dogs have to enjoy working and protect- ing their owner in order to become a reliable and trusty companion.

We believe in quality and not quantity.

We are dedicated to training personal protection dogs that are willing to put their own life on the line to protect you and your family. Unless stated, our dogs will be 100% in all situations including children, other dogs, cats and horses.

We have many happy clients with children under two years old, as you know toddlers can be mischievous and do not understand that pulling a dogs ears and tails is not the right thing to do, you can always be sure that any family dog from Protection Dog Training will be safe with your children. We would never sell a dog to a family that we wouldn’t trust with our own children.


Our instructors have over 20 year experience:

Obedience Instructor for residential training:

Mr Rob Metcalfe Obedince, Security Patrol, Personal Protection and General Obedience Instructor Mr Stuart Ford Obedince, Security Patrol, Personal Protection and General Obedience Instructor Part time. Mr David Bramham Obedince, Security Patrol, Personal Protection and General Obedience Instructor Part time.

We are registered with 3 emergency vets and one veterinary hospital. We operate on a 24 hour training shift pattern and the dogs will be training for six days a week and will have one rest day. We train in cities, parks, busy shopping areas, country side locations next to livestock. Our obedience training prices start from £250 per week, training includes 4 hours handover training, training DVD and a training record of the progress of your dog. For further information please call our 24 hr phone number 01623 70031