Here at Dog Protection Training we specialise in training and supplying personal protection dogs we mainly use German Shepherds dogs which we have available from 14 week old and occasionally use Rottweiler’s, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Herders.

We train and supply each dog to each client’s individual needs we train dogs to protect in real street situations or hostile situations for example carjacking. We recently trained and supplied a 2 yr old German Shepherd to a high profile family this dog replaced six bodyguards saving the client £13000 per week. Our client recently informed us that whilst out exercising the dog late one night he was approached by a male armed attacker the dog successively protected his owner from what could have been a life threatening situation.

We have dogs which have been thoroughly assessed to be trained or supplied as either police dogs or prison dogs we also supply other kennels of government agencies with German Shepherds. We have recently supplied two German Shepherd dogs to a major police and prison dog supplier the two dogs Bex is now a fully operational Home Office prison patrol dog based in a category A Prison. The other dog is Lightening having passed out this week he is now based in a double category A prison based within the South of England.

Prices for untrained German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s start from £500, Dutch Herders and  Belgian Malinois start from £800.

Basic obedience and companion dogs start from £1000. Dogs are trained to walk to heel, sit and down on command these dogs will generally guard once bonded but will not be taught any bite development. These dogs can be trained onto higher levels if needed at a later date.

Intermediate Obedience and companion dogs start from £1500. Dogs are trained as above with the addition of with a recall of on and off lead with any distraction and bark on command to warn any potential attackers.

Advanced Obedience and personal protection dogs start from £2000. Dogs are trained to do lead work, off lead work, speak on command, food refusal and are trained to bite for real in a real life threatening scenario.

Executive personal protection dogs starts from £3000. Dogs are trained to deal with potential attackers with firearms and weapons our dogs are trained to bite anywhere on the body using a covert bite suit with the addition of dogs being trained to track a lost child or intruder that has escaped. Dogs can be trained to search grounds, house or business premises.

We also work with other training establishments which can supply specialist search dogs, proactive drugs detection, passive drug detection, dual purpose and explosive detection dogs. All specialist dogs are trained on live kit with the appropriate training establishments that hold the correct Home Office licences.

We have a selection of dogs for sale from untrained dogs to fully trained protection dogs, on this page we will post details of dogs that we currently have for sale.

Tyson is Advanced Obedience and personal protection dog .

Brono is an Intermediate Obedience and companion dog. Dogs are trained as above with the addition of with a recall of on and off lead with any distraction and bark on command to warn any potential attackers.

Priced at £500.

We do our very best to ensure that our dogs are used to being around children.

All the dogs that we feature on our website can be trained to the highest level, this is a great advantage as the new owner can bond with the dog and learn how to handle them. All of our dog can be trained to executive level and there can become a fully operation dog.