Month: October 2009

Protection Dog Training

Security patrol dog training is open to everyone with or without an SIA Badge

you may just have a general interest in security dog training or wish to become a security dog handler

there are fantastic opportunities to work as a self employed security dog handler

rates of pay are good and start from around £8 per hour a good place to find jobs is the NASDU website

we have recently done a training course for a client who now earns in excess of a thousand pounds  a week.

our training is up to UK Home Office Standards

Our instructors are either ex RAF Police ex police or civillian time served consultants.

Our bite development consultant has helped many security and police dog handlers strengthen their dogs fight drive, civil drive and

even developed the bitework of a UK home office police dog instructor pior to licencing of his own dog

we are able to offer all SIA courses  and Asset level 2 through one of our partner agencies

we can also supply fully operational security patrol dogs trained to home office atandards we can also supply untrained dogs that are suitable for security courses these are predominaantly german shepherds  but we can source other breeds.

we can also supply pro active and passive drug dogs which are fully trained and ready for work.

give us a call for prices 0800 876 6368

Protection Dog Training

We offer residential obedience training for all dogs large and small. We can cater for problem dogs with such problems as dog aggression, dogs chasing live stock and general obedience problems.

Your dog will receive  4 training sessions throughout the day and at various locations each session is an hour long     We offer packages from two weeks, four weeks and six weeks depending on your dogs needs.

Our fees are £250 per week this includes full boarding. All dogs will need to be fully vaccinated including kennel cough. Fees include assessment and collection and handover training. For more details, give us a call. 0800 8766368

Protection Dog Training

At our Protection and obedience training club we are offer an obedience and protection training for clients making it affordable for all.

There will be 3 age groups

12 weeks to 6 month for puppies is £7,50 per session covering obedience and socialisation

6 to 12 months for juveniles  is £10.00 per session  covering obedience and speak on command and bite development 

12 months plus is £15.00 per session and  will cover obedience, speak on command and food refusal and handler protection.

These courses will run from 10.00am on sunday mornings in North Nottinghamshire and includes a cup of tea and a bacon sandwhich, please ring for further details 0800 876 6368  

Protection Dog Training

we offer a one to one obedience and protection dog training, obedience is done to police dog level

you and your dog will be taught to work as a team, your dog will be taught to protect you in any situation and also work under distraction

In this day and age your dog will be taught to protect you from the threat of knives and firearms, car jacking muggings etc

We would need to assess your dog for suitability for training as each dog and owner comes on at different rates, there is no set time span

any dog including cross breeds can be trained as a personal protection dog

small breeds eg like a staffi would be taught to bite lower leg.

the reason for this is the smaller dogs dont have the body weight to pull a man down.

large breed dogs such as the german shepherd labrador ec will be taught to do bite work eiher right or left arm

 more serious protection dogs as required by some clients,  will be taught to bite on a full covert suit and all training is scenario based to suit the clients needs.

we dont train sports dogs to be personal protection dogs, there is a vast difference as ports dog looks for a visible sleeve a personal plrotection dog trained by us will fight and become civil when needed when there is no threat the dog will be calm and submissive to the handler and his family

also the dogs will be taught food refusal from a stranger who intends to harm you or the dog.

Protection Dog Training

Level one protection training can normally be achieved within 4 weeks and would consist of Police dog obedience and speak on command, we would achieve this by doing one hour training in the morning one hour at lunch time and one hour mid afternoon training session then one early evening this is over seen by one individual instructor that we assign to your dog.

The fee for this level of training would be £1000 per calendar month this will include a DVD of your dogs training and a 2 hours one too one handover training at our kennels.

Level 2 protection dog training consists of police dog level of obedience, bite development food refusal training, price will include a DVD and 3 hour one to one training sessions at our kennels, the fee for this is £1600 we would need your dog for approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Level 3 executive residential training is one of the top packages that we offer, your dog will receive the following training, police dog obedience, speak on command food refusal bite development on covert sleeve or covert body bite suit with the option of your dog being taught to deal with firearm threat, stick attack and multi assailant attack, your dog can also be taught to deploy from the back window of your car, this is useful in a road rage attack, the cost of this course is £3500 for 6 – 8 weeks training.

Level 2 and 3 protection residential protection dog training are overseen by our senior instructors.

All the above levels are open to any breed of dog, our prices include collection and evaluation, you will be required to collect your dog and receive handover training unless we have agreed to do the handover training at your place.